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# Do not over trade.

# Don't take over exposure or do over trade.

# Trading Without Stop Loss in Nifty can be called as Suicide.

# Don't Afraid to Buy at Higher Levels. Nifty Trading is Risky,

# Always Keep Limit on your Losses if any. Do not change your game plan unless you have a very good reason.

# Follow your plan Flexibility and discipline are key for a successful trader in Share Market.

# Establish your trading plans before the stock market opens to eliminate emotional reaction.

# Take a position only when you know your profit goal and know when to stop if the market goes against you.

# Always be a student and trade to improve your skill. Take learning from Successful and Experienced Traders. Money will automatically come.

# Making Losses is the part of trading business. Even Best Traders also loose money.You will never win 100% times.

# We Can Maintain Our Accuracy Level.

# Loss will be recovered on same day or next day.

# Earn Profit Rs.2000+ per day in any market situation.

# Required investment-Minimum Rs.30000-50000.

# Exact follow-up for all entry and exit calls to our subscribed Customers.

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